Hi! There are 2 parts to Flashcard Settings: Front and Back. Both have the capability to check the boxes Term, Phrase & Hint. The Front check boxes work correctly but if I check Term or Hint or Phrase on the Back, I only get the Hint. If you click Phrase on the Front, it shows up on the Back. And why does the Back have the Term? It would be great if the Phrase only showed up with the Term. I typically use the cards by first looking at the Hint (the definition of the Term). I don’t want to see the Phrase yet. I then switch over to the Term and would like to see the Phrase.

Also, when you click the edit button on the Lingq, another box opens. Then you can click on the Term to edit it but only half of the word can be seen. Can the box be enlarged to show the whole word? Thanks.

I checked the Flashcards and the back seems to be showing the correct information based on what I have ticked in the settings. Would you be able to send over a screenshot of your Flashcards settings just so we can be sure?

Regarding the display issue with the term, this is something we are aware of, and we are actually working on replacing this popup with the yellow popup from the lesson page. We’ll hopefully have this completed soon!