Flashcards vanishing

It is no doubt not that important, but I noticed just now that my set of flashcards vanished when I pressed ‘Backspace’ by mistake. I was in the last of this morning’s languages to be reviewed and suddenly I found myself on the last (blank) page of the previous language.

I got out of it by using the Page Forward button on the Firefox toolbar. I tried to recreate this ‘problem’ on the BBC homepage, but there my Backspace button doesn’t do it.

@SanneT - That’s very strange. I can’t reproduce it. How are you accessing your flashcards? Are you clicking from the link in the LingQs of the Day emails? Are you closing the window after you complete a set? Any more information would help us figure out the problem. I know on my Mac the delete button, which is like the backspace button on a PC, does take me back to the previous page in my browser.

I copy and paste the link from the daily e-mail. I only close the window after I have been through all languages (so in a way, they stack up, I suppose),

This all happened on my notebook: perhaps the Backspace on it works like your delete button on the Mac.

Tomorrow morning I shall close each window once I have completed the set and, once I am on my last language, I’ll use the Backspace again to see whether it still ‘works’,

Backspace does indeed take me to the previous page within LingQ, at least on the notebook. I’ll try it on my computer later to satisfy my curiosity, but will spare you the details. Thanks for the tip.

I just noticed it takes me even further back, to whatever recent page I have been on - the wonders of technology!