Flashcards - question

Hello. Is is possible to ‘remove’ known (status 4 )words from the flashcards database without loosing them? I mean I’d like to include them in known stats , and free up space in the flashcards panel.

If you tap on status 4 and then tap on the 4 again you have the option to select “never” in order to never have that term added to the SRS list again in the future.

Yeah but they’re still on the list of words. How can I remove them? Cause if I’ll use the red X button - of course they will dissapear - but additionaly I will lose them in the statistics on the main page. Can I prevent that?

Where do you need to remove them? If you are looking on the vocabulary page you can just use the filters to hide status 4 words.

Exactly on the vocabulary page. It’s like I know that I can use this filter but - let’s say if I reach 100 words I won’t be able to add more right? There is a limit of a vocabulary (flashcards) so the words which I know are also included(in that limit) right?

@mat3m4tyk - That’s correct. Status 4 LingQs also count towards the LingQ limit for users on a Free account.