Flashcards missings english translation

When I use a flashcard, I click “check”, and then it just gives me the phrase that it word originally came from. How do I get it to give me an English translation?

You have to enter the information yourself. When you decide to save a LingQ, click “Dictionary”, copy the relevant information into the “Hint” field (and a phrase if you want). The “Hint” is what is shown when you check your flashcards.

So, if you don’t save any information, the “Hint” field is empty, and thus nothing is shown.

Could there eventually be an option to have this automatically copied? Having to manually copy the information is somewhat cumbersome (and unintuitive).

Also, the word “hint” makes me think it should be a clue that helps me remember the definition, rather than the definition itself. A term like “definition” or “answer” would be more clear.


Thank you for your enthusiastic participation here and welcome to LingQ.

We are working on having the first definition or two from the dictionary appear in the Hint box. This would still leave the user the option of choosing another translation or definition to put in his hint box.

We call it Hint because the dictionary definition is only the beginning of any understanding of the scope and use of a word. We may change this name to meaning, but none of this changes how this is used. This is your reference of what the word means to you at this stage of your progress towards learning how to use the word.

We appreciate your ideas and please recognize that while we are committed to making LingQ better and better, we have a long list of things that we want to do, and choosing priorities is very difficult. Input from keen users like you is a great source of ideas and encouragement.