Flashcards in iOS app, suggestion

So I am a big fan of the app and use it all the time. I hear you guys are working on some big update for it. I suggest getting rid of the annoying turning animation that plays when turning the flashcards. This animation lasts approximately a second, which is about as long as I would normally spend on a flashcard. If I want to go through 100 flashcards, I don’t want to spend almost two minutes just watching some boring turning animation over and over and over. Why not just have the backside of the card appear instantly without any faffing about?


@ColinJohnstone - Thanks for your feedback. We’re working on the finishing touches of our new update and hope to have it ready soon. After that we’ll collect more feedback regarding the new version and will likely push out a few more quick updates to fix issues and refine the functionality further. We’ll see what we can do regarding the flashcards!