Flashcards "did you get it right?"

Hello, I am new here. I read what Steve said about learning the meaning of expressions in a new language and “forgetting” its meaning in English. I’ve been doing that so well that I know the meaning of “bis zum Zeitpunkt dass” in German, but when I do flaschards, I can never come up with the English version of it, because… well… I know it in German but NOT in English.

So, how should I answer the “did you get it right?” question?
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Reason I ask, this has been happening more and more, as I continue using this amazing platform to review my German, French and Czech.

I only ever review flashcards going the other way - so I am presented with the word(s) in my native language (English) and have to come up with the word(s) in the target language. I think that’s more effective, and that way, I don’t have your problem. You can edit your flashcard settings to make it this way if you like.

Meanwhile, knowing words or phrases in your target language and not in your native language does indeed show good progress and is a good thing - it helps get away from the translating trap.

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