Flashcards customised to flip over after "X" seconds of inactivity,

To encourage people to do flashcard review without getting bogged down, it would be great if the flashcards could be customised to flip over after “X” seconds of inactivity, for example after 5 seconds of trying to get the word or the phrase the cards will turn over

This is a good idea, another one for the list. It would have to be optional.We should try to find out how many other people are interested in this, though. Sound and editing on the flash cards is probably a higher priority.

Let the next idea be to allow users to put more than one sentence into the ‘hint’ field of LingQs. More than one example is good when the word or phrase which has several meanings is studied. It also will be convenient for a learner to see different examples displayed in different lines when he flashcards LingQs of this type.

That’s definitely a good idea, and one that would make it easier to determine whether or not a person truly “got” the word or not. I think taking 15-20 seconds to recall the meaning is as good as failed.