When I click on the flashcard button to open it does not open.Will you please help me open flashcards so that I may be able to words selected.
vatsal dixit

@vatsal - What page are you on when trying to use the flashcards and what happens when you do? Everything should be working fine.

dear sir,
I am using latest opera browser and the operating system is xp.The page I am watching is Login - LingQ. On this page when I click on the tab cards launch to launch the flashcards to practice my lingq words nothing happens.Do have to configure my browser to open the Java scripts for cards or what but I don’t know.I tried to configure Java settings in the options of the browser but it did not work.Please help.

dear sir,
I am sending my edited thread to get your help.

Dear sir, I have problem with LingQ program. I find a lesson which i never study. I can not link a new word which i now. I can not change dictionary.The word in blue do not show a translation.

The Opera browser is the problem. Choose another browser.
LingQ does not work well with Opera.