Flashcard randomizationּ

I have seen this idea suggested before in the wider context of introducing spaced repetition systems, however, I think its a relatively small feature that can do a lot of good and should really be independent of other changes to the system.

The idea is to have the cards in each flashcards session shuffled (at least optionally), so that the student won’t be able to rely on the cards order to guess their meaning. This is standard practice in practically all other flashcards systems I know of.

What do you think?

This is also on our list of things to do. Keep the input and suggestions coming. Thank you.

Good to hear, thanks Steve.

that is really a good idea - very often are similar words directly one after the other because I saved the word in different forms.

I would vote for this feature to go up in the priority list a little bit…

So would I, anapaula. It’s difficult to know if I’m memorizing the words… or the order.