Flashcard Help

Hi, just another question I would like to know. the answer to. When you first start out, do you, when reviewing flashcards, be as critical as possible. For example, if you have something like: “Abuela” and thought it was Grandfather (it’s grandmother), how would you mark yourself? Or if you wrongly conjugated a verb, how would you mark yourself?

If you aren’t critical when starting out, do you get more critical when you start progressing?

The flash card review is, to me, just another opportunity to pass these words in front of your brain. I do not expect to get them all right, nor even a majority of them. By going through them in flash cards, and then seeing them highlighted in yellow in other contexts, you will gradually start to remember them.

Si do you use it as a bonus, to help with retention that little bit more?

Yes, just another way of stimulating the brain.