Flashcard Errors

Each time that I work my way through a set of flashcards, I see a dialogue box pop-up in the ghosted background that says:

Internal error.[object Object]

It doesn’t seem to affect anything, but the flashcards start to lag a bit once it appears. Once I’m done with the flashcards, I click the OK button a few times and it disappears.

@solanderdog - We think we have resolved this issue. Can you let us know if you continue having these problems?

Thanks! All is working perfectly this morning.

My Flashcards started to freeze this morning, and they are displayed too big, I cannot see the counter nor the shortcuts. I restarted and reloaded and even logged in a second time, but still nothing! What can I do?

My flashcards are displaying off center, with the bottom and right side portions totally missing. They still function fine with the keyboard shortcuts, I just can’t see much. This just started this morning.

I can attach/send a screenshot if needed.

I’m having the same problem as Safran and geoseo this morning.

I can also affirm that the flashcards are displaying off the center and they are impossible to use.
Yesterday it was OK.

I have the same problem as many of those who wrote before me. Also I can’t play audio when I’m doing flash cards or dictation, yesterday it worked perfectly.

Yes, my flashcards are all wonky too. Too large to fit in the box that’s opened up, no way to scroll around…

I have the same problem

@all - I checked and the flashcards look to be working OK for me. Is this still an issue for some of you?

THanks, Alex! It seems to be good for me now.

They are functioning normally again for me.

For me everything is fine now too. Thank you!

Back to normal, thx!

Yes. It was a strange bug that cropped up. Should be fine now!

But Mark, it’s another bug here.
Before I received my Lingqs of the day and could right away chose the box\field “flashcards” that was placed under the list of the words, press it and start to work with flashcards.
Now I don’t see such a box under the lists of the words.
I can’t start to work with the words from this post.
I have to use my login, go to Lingq, then to press “Library”, then to chose the necessary day again and only after that I can start working with Flashcards or other opportiunities to repeat my words.
THe way is now too long and for what then all these Lingqs of the day if we can’t start our Flashcards from them like before ?

Today it’s again all right with Flashcards, thanks.