Flag specific problems with content in LingQ-curated lessons

Is there a way to submit feedback in respect of specific portions of lessons that have been uploaded and curated by LingQ? For example there are sometimes instances where text and audio are misaligned at the sentence level. It would be great to have a quick way of submitting a flag to the team so that such content bugs can be fixed. The user has the ability to “Edit sentence” but perhaps it should not be for individual users to perform such edits (which can be a laborious and error-prone process) in respect of content uploaded by LingQ for the whole user base. Many thanks

Hello, glossboss.

You can also utilize the “Other” option in the report section to briefly specify the exact spot of the mistake. Even one mistake can affect the entire lesson’s accuracy, which is why there may not be an option specifically for reporting the sentence.

I agree that having access to the report button during the lesson would be beneficial to save time and effort when submitting a report. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this issue, and I appreciate you bringing it up to them.

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Ah, great, I hadn’t spotted that option! Many thanks for your help, krisnd.

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