Flag lingqs to come back to later

Is there a way to flag a word or phrase for later attention, while I’m reading? Sometimes I come across language I’m not sure about, so I can’t give a translation. I have a teacher here that I would like to share this language with, at a later time. The only way I know how to do this at the moment is leave the words / phrase unknown (blue), then chug through one lesson after another checking the unknown language with my teacher. This is a bit slow. It would be great if I had some kind of list of flagged language for that week, with links to where it appears in my lessons.

It would also be great to be able to flag words and phrases in my vocabulary list, and then filter to see / review only the flagged items.

Usually I create a LingQ and tag these words with “Tutor”. Before I have a conversation with a tutor, I search for this tag in the vocabulary list.


phrase for later attention, while I’m