Fixing incorrect auto-generated lingqs

Hi there,

If i import a chinese lesson into Lingq, more often than not there will be an incorrect lingq creation for words. How do i split this into the correct lingqs? I’ve turning off the auto lingq generation option in a lesson but it doesn’t seem to do anythin and i can’t find a solution on the forum or google.

For example, It’s splitting “觉得很没意思” into the following 2 lingqs: “觉得很没” and “意思”, how i change it so the page displays the lingqs split into 3 as follows: “觉得”, “很” and “没意思”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

After you’ve imported a lesson the first time, you can edit the lesson and change the spacing yourself. Personally I only do this if I particularly care about the words involved. Otherwise I will just X/ignore the bad combination.

(or actually, I may let the interesting word stay with the other character(s) it’s improperly grouped with, and just clarify within the LingQ hint that the other stuff is extra)

Oh fantastic, that worked! Thank you so much. You can close/mark as complete now.