First month of Japanese


The first month of my Japanese study has passed. Here’s how it went so far.

These are the aims and what I did in the last two weeks:

Aim — Result
370 known words — 201
870 lingqs — 876
level 3 wanikani — level 2 (1 kanji away from 3)
learn katakana — got the basic gist but need to review

The last 2 weeks went relatively well although the known words count hasn’t gone up as much as I wanted.

I’m still at the beginning so I am trying to figure out what is the best system for me to use. I think wanikani is much better for me at learning kanji and words that use kanji at this point. Also I think the srs system is much better than the lingq one. As such I will probably concentrate there on learning kanji and words. Lingq is great for getting a feel of the language so will probably use it for the reading and listening.

While it might be inefficient at times to use three sources for my Japanese learning (lingq, wanikani and Japanese Audio Flashcards for my commute to work) it’s really nice when the information starts to overall. When this happens something clicks in my brain and I think the information is more likely to stay with my long term memory. I hope that as time passes this will happen more often. Also, as I get more proficient I might give up on the Japanese Audio Flashcards and listen only to lingq material.

For the next 2 weeks I want to concentrate on wanikani and on learning better the text and the words I have already been exposed to on lingq. So the aim is:

  • finish most of level 3 on wanikani (around 200 words and 90 kanji)
  • get to 300 known words on lingq
  • and hit the 1000 lingq mark
  • 30 hours of listening (at 20 now).