FireFox 3.0

I have updated today my FireFox to 3.0 and now have a problem. The LingQ widget does not work. It does not show the list of words, does not put yellow background under ‘unknown’ words and does not create new LingQs. Is there anyone who use FireFox 3.0 with LingQ (on Windows)? How does it works? Is everything OK or do you have, or did you have a similar problem? Any pieces of advice for me? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi loby,

I’m using FF3 without any problems. There is a chance it’s a stale cache problem. Open an item on the workdesk, then holding Shift key on the keyboard press F5 key once.

If it does not help, then it’s a really serious thing.

In this case please go to the workdesk, open an item (or press F5 if you have the item open, this is important), then from the FF menu select Tools/Error Console. In the Error Console window you will see a toolbar with an ‘Errors’ button. Click the button, then scroll the error list to the bottom, then take a screenshot and send it to This will let us investigate the source of the problem.

Thanks in advance,

loby, thanks for the screenshot. I must admit this is an odd problem. Looks like your browser cannot download the Prototype library from the server.

Are you using ZoneAlarm or anything like this?

By the way, could you please click on the link below and tell me if you can see text starting with ‘Prototype JavaScript framework’ in your browser?

Sorry, I meant ‘copy and paste the link’…

Hello Mike,

I do not know what happened, but the problem disappeared the next day after my first post, I am sorry, I can not write earlier about that.

I do not use ZoneAlarm, I use AVG 8.0. Before, when I had used FF 2.0 I had quite similar problems caused by firewall but then not only the widget had not loaded also the sound file. This time, after the update of FF the sound file was loaded properly and I thought that it was not the problem caused by the firewall.

Unhappily I can not say what was the cause of the problem, happily now all work well.

Thanks for all.