"Finish Lesson" -- Why assume un-clicked words are known?

We can toggle “paging moves untouched words to ‘known’” in LingQ’s reader’s settings.

Why can we not similarly toggle whether “finish lesson” moves untouched words to known? I finally now understand that when we click “finish lesson”, all the untouched words move to “known”. This is apparently not a bug. It is by design or philosophy that the user should forcibly select “ignore” or create LingQs for any unknown words before declaring that the lessons is “finished”.

Another definition of a “finished lesson” would be that the user has mined the lesson as much as they intend to – they are done with the lesson, even if untouched and unexamined terms remain. This is the definition that I would prefer to employ.

Unfortunately, with LingQ’s current implementation, the only way to finish a lesson is for us to obsessively click-and-select-status on every word that we do not know or words that should be ignored (e.g., words in the text that are in a different language). This probably makes sense when working in a language that you know well, but it is not a useful mode (for me at least) when working in a new language. I think I will have to postpone the satisfaction of clicking the “finish lesson” button until I reach the B2 level…

Another point: The new text generation feature results in errors (speech to text can never be perfect). This provides all the more reason for having a different definition for “finished lesson” – often, a fraction of the “words” in the generated transcript are not real words in the language. Even as a newbie in the language, I can identify words that are likely not in the language; however, I don’t want to hit “ignore” unless I chase them down, and I don’t want to chase them down because I understand enough of the text’s meaning to move forward with the reading at the audio speed I have selected. I would prefer if they remained “blue”, the same way the paging leaves them untouched.


You are not the first to remark this. It took a lot of convincing to get the software team to provide an option to toggle whether words move to known each page or not. That works currently. It will take the same amount of “noise” to get Lingq to make the “move to known” for finished lesson a toggle.

I support your request. I hope more people will chime in.



I would also like to see the ability to toggle this on an off.

On a positive note because I use lessons several times - and often for expansive/extensive reading rather than in depth reading and translating. So I may have finished the lesson for now and want to see the results - test myself ect, but will come back to the new words later. Or not.

On a less positive note - Id like to turn it off as several times Ive accidentally clicked ‘finish’ and its impossible to undue all those unknown words becoming known. Which makes all the stats on future lessons, and how comprehensible they are going to be a waste of time.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this feature as a toggle!


Look for thread
Stop adding words to known upon lesson completion

It’s always good one person more complain about this bug. Last book I have read I still have 5500 unknown words on a total of 11000. I was concertrating on finding words which meaning I can guess. I was really afraid to hit “lesson terminated” by mystake.


I’ve been using Lingq for about a week now and I must say I don’t like this feature either. I ended up with several English words marked as known, even though I’m studying Japanese. What I ended up doing was setting known words as status = 4. When I want to know how many words I truly know, I filter the vocabulary for status = 4 and look at that count. I simply ignore the known word number, since I know it’s inflated and there’s no option to delete the known words that are not Lingq’d.


I added a simple check for this in my MasterLingQ extension which is free to use


This suggestion is so common-sense and yet LingQ is stubborn about keeping it as it is for some reason.


At least please provide a simple confirmation dialog after clicking the Finish button, something like “Do you really want to finish your lesson?” This would help tremendously. The problem is the active clicking area of the Finish button is in fact HUGE (much bigger than the button image) and I have already clicked it inadvertantly when switching windows (going back from the looked-up word) several times, which causes disasters.


My opinion - because you can “x” the lesson and then come back to it later instead of “finish” lesson.

Sure, but that does not help with the problem of unadvertantly finishing the lesson by clicking the free space way above or below the Finish button and getting hundreds or thousands (in case of a book for instance) of unwanted words marked as known. A simple confirmation dialog would fix this problem.

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Me and others have also been requesting this feature for a while, but it falls on deaf ears. Here are just a few of the requests for this feature over the last year or two.

The only way around it to get to the same screen is to click on the three dots (…) within the lesson and go to statistics. Then you can change the times read and listened and click ‘next lesson’. It’s inconvenient though, as still occasionally, out of habit, I hit the ‘finish lesson’ button and I turn a hundred words to Known… Which means I need to go back and read the lesson again to find those words and ignore them…

Honestly, I wouldn’t get your hope up about it being changed by LingQ. If you look at @zoran’s replies in the above threads, you’ll see the company’s opinion on the matter - that it is a silly idea of users not knowing how language learning works. If you have a feature idea for the browser version, ping @roosterburton.


But if LingQ does suddenly decide to listen for some reason, I want to agree and emphasize it being an option you can toggle, rather than changing it to force LingQ not marking them as known. In my case using LingQ, there are issues where none of the other ways to mark words as known work, so I rely on that feature to know how many words I’ve learned.

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Yes! by its very nature Lingq will be used differently by different people, so a toggle is exactly whats needed! Just like the ‘page to known’ feature.

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Totally agree!
It took me hours to figure out why I got so many coins after finishing a lesson. A simple button could be more effective than long explanations in tutorials.

LingQ’s current design automatically moves untouched words to “known” when finishing a lesson. The user cannot toggle this behavior. The desired definition of a “finished lesson” as having mined the lesson as much as intended, even if untouched words remain, is not currently supported. This design may be less user-friendly when working in a new language. Additionally, errors in the new text generation feature further highlight the need for a more flexible definition of a “finished lesson.”

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