Finish lesson desktop

when you finish a lesson in the desktop version nothing happens. you get a pop up with some statistics but it stays on the last page of the lesson.
on the mobile version it redirects you automatically to the start page.


In the “Lesson Complete” popup at the bottom right, you can click and move on to the next lesson in a course.

there is no next lesson
looks like this

Next Lesson only appears when there actually is a next lesson. Other than that you are supposed to close this popup and click on “Lessons” in the top left corner to get back to the library. In another thread we talked about it and mark promised that we’ll get back to how it was in Version 4 (with a get back to library button) in some form or another.

Yes, exactly, if there are no more lessons in a course, you need to go back to the home page and open another course.