Finding the Audio Submissions of a particular user

I am back to LingQ after a long absence, and am loving it once again! This time I am trying to improve my ability to listen to and understand French.

Am I right that all of the submissions done in a Quebec accent are to be found here?

How do I contact the providers to let them know that I appreciate their offerings and am looking forward to more? Are any of these provided by LingQ members, as opposed to commercial concerns or LingQ itself? I am thinking maybe Margopel-Quebec refers to a fellow community member, but I can’t seem to find a profile page for that user.

How do I do it?

Sorry, that link needs to be copied in its entirety and pasted to the browser in order to see the selections I meant to post.

For longer links you have to shorten them using bitly or tinyurl or something.

I agree that the content created by Margopel is outstanding. I wish we had more. I also wish we had more content from Quebec.

You can find Margo by going to the Friends tab and searching for Margopel. You can also search for people who speak a certain language (French) and come from a certain country (Canada).

Glad to have you back.

Thanks, Steve. Still learning the site…the friends tab. Very useful to know about.