Finding my posts

Is there a way to find all my posts?

Also, are thread with only one post (original question by the submitter with no answers) are deleted after a certain time?

I ask this because maybe 3 weeks ago, I created a thread about a problem with the “Translate Sentence” funtcion and I cannot find it anymore (I know that the thread was on the site for some times without any answers)?

Ok, by creating this thread, I just found a way to access all my posts!
In the thread just created, on my post entry (the first in this case) at the left, under my username there is a clickable link to my old posts)!!

Is there another way to access your posts or the only way is by first finding an old post or by creating a new one!?

Also this confirmed that the previously mentioned post has indeed been erased. Not by me?

Are you sure that your previous post was added successfully? What problem you have with the translate sentence button?

Yes because I have checked the post for many days and there was no answer to the post.

Are post without any answers deleted after a while?

The problem with the translate sentence button is that very often (more than 50% of the time) I obtain the answer:
“No translation available”.

No, posts should stay up on the site. I’ll check the threads list.

Can you please send me a link to a lesson in which you have that problem with the translate sentence option? For which study language?

I have the problem in quasi every lesson I am doing in Russian (ex: Login - LingQ)

and now in Italian (ex: Login - LingQ).

Which language you have selected as dictionary language?


We are making some improvements to the sentence mode, including fixing splitting and translations for LingQ 101 - Getting Started course in all languages. Should be all done within next 2-3 days, and hopefully you won’t experience the same issue again.

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