Finding language partners

I am going to be using the Exchange section to find people to help me with Korean, now that I am back studying that language after my Romanian adventure.

I wonder how many people realize that you can use the filters to follow people who are studying your language, or who come from a country that speaks your language. You can decide to follow everyone, or just your Friends.

I am going to follow the more active Korean learners, and the more active Korean speakers on our site, so that I can see what they are studying, or in the case of native speakers, make requests for recordings, translations and other services.

hi i’m korean i have seen you in the video clip of learning langauge activity .
Actually i’m looking for the nateive speaker. i want to improve my english ability and to exchage our language skill
it is good opportunity to share all kinds of good things from each country

this is my skype ID iriskang33 강민숙

대화를 나누다보면 표현력이 좋다는 얘길 많이들어요
각 나라의 문화를 주제로 다양한 이야기소재를 통해
더 좋은 표현,비슷한 단어인데 더 고급스런 언어사용등에 대해 실제적인
도움을 서로에게 줄수있다면 참 좋겠습니다.