Finding German Content?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find good sites that have audio and text content for German.

Start in our library, I think it is as large a depository of audio and text as you will find anywhere. Cheers. Otherwise you can buy audi books of the classics and get the texts on Gutenberg. But there may be others as well.

Great! I’ll stick with Lingq’s library for now, if i feel adventurous i’ll look out for some audio books. I was looking through the German radio stations, but I’ve not found any sites yet where the audio and the text were available for download.

In iTunes you will find German podcasts, but not with transcripts. Vera has obtained permission to use some of them at LingQ, and has even transcribed them!!. I also like to explore, but I would first exhaust what you can find in the library.

Deutsche Welle is good. They have ‘Langsam Gesprochene Nachrichten’ which is a summary of the daily news with audio and transcript. Other than that, I find a lot of the material on Deutsche Welle to be very boring.

Spoken Wikipedia is a good resource

There are 600 spoken Wikipedia articles in German and you can import the text into LingQ. You need to be careful though because the articles are continuously being edited, so the audio won’t match the text. Fortunately all the old versions of the articles have been saved, so you can find the spoken version by clicking on ‘Versionsgeschichte’.

1 Like has a lot of books. Watch out for old-fashioned spellings though.

In fact, you might be well advised not to create lingqs from librivox material at all, just use it for listening comprehension (with a transcript). That’s what I do.

Thanks for all the suggestions! I’ll check them out! :slight_smile: