Finding conversational content

Languages, in my opinion, are made up of two systems, formal and informal. Formal content is quite easy to find with plenty of formal youtube channels in existence, but it’s so hard to find anything with conversational language.

For me in particular I am talking specifically about Spanish. I was hoping to actually keep my Spanish learning more conversational compared to my others. A problem I face is I don’t know where to get good conversational content, and if I do, it doesn’t have correct subtitles because Spanish speakers talk too fast for the auto subtitles. As a learner I can’t be left just guessing what they’re talking about.

So I ask, does anyone know where to find any good, native spanish conversational material?

see what you think of this channel. I really like them.

Hi, Bob20020!

I use Netflix and LingQ´s extension for importing the Netflix subtitles (in Spanish, etc.) into LingQ.
I´m quite happy with this combo.

Have a nice day

Have you checked out Easy Spanish youtube channel? Easy Spanish - YouTube

I’ve not checked this specific channel out, but I watch the Easy German one and assume it’s similar. If so, they go around doing street interviews of people on a particular topic. The basic questions are “easy”, but the interviewees speak at their normal pace and are using the language as they would normally, so not the typical scripted conversations that you might find with a typical lesson.

Now, they do their own translation, but it’s not part of the subtitles for import into LingQ. You can import into LingQ, but it will be the auto generated subtitles. So you can just watch the video on youtube and follow along. You can import and use the auto generated subtitles (I can’t personally take this as it bugs me not having sentence markers). I assume like Easy German you can become a patron and get the actual transcripts that you can import into LingQ. I usually import the youtube video and then edit the lesson aftwards to have the proper transcript.

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