Finding content French on Lingq or recommendations

I am having trouble searching for content on LingQ I see the options to filter etc but this does not really let me easily find french stories etc. The last one I stumbled across by Alex Leroc was fragmented in the system so at the end of the chapter it would not link to the next, so had to search for each chapter in the filter. The podcast that i found really useful by innerfrench have been withdrawn as the owner did not give permission for them to be used on here, they were an excellent intermediate resource.
Is there a trick to find french books on LingQ or recommendations of French books for a Intermediate 1/2 learner. I feel as if I am coming here and have to spend my time searching for content (rather than the system giving me recommendations)

The LingQ library can be messy sometimes. My recommendation is that you can find the books/texts on the Internet and import them manually. For example, a quick Google search can let you download the Alex Leroc books and then you can copy/paste them into the system so that you can create your own courses.

What are you into ?

My recommendation for reading is ALWAYS - read what you’re interested in. What would you read in English ? Find it and read that.

I read the first chapter of L’Étranger and loved it. The rest of the book was dire. I struggled to page 50 and then left it alone because i was so bored.

Find stories which make you want to turn the page and keep you interested - no matter their ‘level’ - and read those. Series of books are good.

Don’t just read the Little Prince (boring, imo) and Harry Potter (garbage, imo) just because people always recommend those.

The only right answer for reading is to read what you’re interested in - read the blurbs and if it’s something you think you’ll enjoy, give it a go.

Sometimes things are too above your level for them to be enjoyable even though the content suits you. Leave these aside 'til later.