Finding comprehensible input for Italian learning

Hi everyone, i would appreciate any input. I am trying to find a way of importing Italian stories. For example i would like Moby Dick in Italian as a ebook and also the audio as well, and then be able to download it into Lingq. This is not as easy as it seems, as trying to get both available at the same time is hard. Have you any ideas?

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Once you have the ebook, you can follow the steps outlined here:

1 Like has a lot of Italian audiobooks. I’m pretty sure they would have Moby Dick as well.


Thanks for the recommendation even though i’m learning French. Is it only possible to obtain the audio file once you are a paying member of audible? I have noticed that the transcript for the books that I have glanced at is actually on the same page as the advertised book which is superb.

Also what would be the best way to import the transcript and audio on lingQ so that I could the read the text and listen at the same time? Would i have to chop the audio file? How long should each lesson be etc?

Many thanks in advance for those who reply to this comment.

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Yes, you’ll need a membership to Audible in order to get audiobooks from there, but the first book is usually free when you sign up, so you can just test it out. They have a ton of French books available.

For a lot of these books you can find the matching e-books on Amazon, or Google Play, Kobo etc.

If you wanna import the text to LingQ, the biggest trick is you have to remove DRM from the e-books in order to turn them into plain text. This will require Calibre software, plus some googling and some trial and error. You may find Google Play and Kobo to be an easier way to go for this.

Once you figure out how to import, LingQ will automatically chop up the book into lessons of about 2,000 words, so you don’t have to worry about creating individual lessons.

BUT, there is no reason to import the audio recording of a book in to LingQ. It’s too much hassle for no real benefits. Just import the text and then use whatever audio player you like to listen to the Audible title as you read the text along on LingQ.

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Thank you.

Thank you

thank you

Thanks for your response it is so very helpful indeed. I cannot wait to start using audible and lingqing the words of these books.