Find the "known words" confusing

OK I give up. I was determined to figure all the stats out on this site, but I must admit I am flummoxed.

I’m falling behind on my “known words” target. My progress snapshot for today says I have increased my known words by 8, while my daily target is 32. This despite the fact that I started a new assignment, read 500 words, listened to 2 hours and learned 11 new words today!

How am I meant to increase my known words if reading, listening and learning them isn’t enough?

Hi Helen,

Your Known Words increases when you click the Update button in the WorkDesk and when you move saved words to Known (Status 4). If, however, you change the status of some words from 4 to 1,2 or 3, they are no longer Known and are subtracted from your Known Words statistics.

Mmm…I think I get it. I’m working through the Power of the Linguist podcasts and each installment is “worth” about 22 new known words, which I only get the first time I read it. So my stats are assuming that I read 1.5 new assignments a day. I was opening them and reading them 5 at a time, so some days I wasn’t registering any new words and other days I was getting lots.

Still not convinced that the stats were updating correctly every time a changed the status of a saved word to known. Also I managed to read and listen to no 17, and click on the read and listened to buttons (moving the count from 0 to 1) without changing my stats on the overview page.

I will keep an eye on it and report back. Not that I’m obsessive or anything.