Find someone who want to learn Simplified Chinese

I am a student from China,I can tech Simplified Chinese to u.
I can speak english,so don’t worry about the conversation.
if u want to learn Simplified Chinese(Traditional is too hard for a beginner)and if u can maybe help me to translate some English News everyday
Contact : aimoon16 AT (I can’t come to lingq every day,so just email)

As someone who has learned Chinese characters (over 4,000 of them in less than one year) both in the Traditional and Simplified form, I thought I would add my comments here.

  1. Characters need to be learned with a lot of discipline. Unless you are studying them for artistic reasons there is no need for a teacher.

  2. Daily study and practice is a must. You need to work on your own, putting in one hour a day in order to achieve the necessary intensity.

  3. There are many books which introduce and explain the characters, the components, the stroke order, and compound words using the characters. There are flash cards, special exercize books, and dedicated memory systems.

  4. Like all vocabulary the characters are best learned through reading interesting content, not from isolated lists.

I am not sure that simplified characters are that much easier for a “beginner”, as jerryD says. ( I learned traditional first. ) But I do not understand how a “beginner” can help jerryD translate English News everyday.

Where we will be looking for Chinese native speakers to help our members here,will be in the recording of interesting learning content for LingQ

jerryD, I am not sure a

not bad~
but maybe u miss something~

  1. yeah~Characters is very important,i missed it,this is where the difference between english and chinese.
  2. necessary.
  3. good way to study every language.
  4. yeah interesting is very important too.
    simplified is not easier for a “beginner”.
    this is where u lost something.
    compare to simplified and traditional,traditional is harder to write and recognize.writing simplified is faster than writing traditional.and …next

and,in fact,taiwan,hong kong people can NOT recognize simplified.but allmost every people borned in mainland of China CAN recognize traditional.WHY?i don’t know,but we can do this is true.
so,i didn’t mean that learning simplified is easier than learning traditional,they both are hard to learn for Non-native,i mean better.
PS:in fact,i don’t need them to translate,i can do it myself,i want them to practice.

Thank u for ur reply.