"Find a tutor" pop-up

Hello LingQ Team,
since 1-2 weeks I’m getting a “Want to improve speaking? Find a tutor” pop-up.
It appears almost every time I log in, sometimes even multiple times. This started when I downloaded the iOS App. Is it possible to turn this off? It’s not a big deal but it happens quite often.

Other bugs, found on MacOS with Safari Browser Version 17.5, include:

  • Words marked as known turn blue again, after a few seconds
  • Turning on the translation, while in the normal complete text mode, makes the text jump back to the beginning
  • The Context Reverso and Reverso Verb Conjugation open in the english language, even though they are set to open in german

I hope these will be fixed at some point in the future

Best regards

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That sounds like a bug, I’ll ask our team to look into it.