Find a tutor page - Native speakers?

I miss the native language of a tutor on the Find a tutor page:

And a filter to select native speakers only.

I find confusing too that the number of roses, hostet conversations and corrected writings is the sum of all languages. If tutors offers conversation in other languages as well it pushes them up to the top of the list even if they’ve never had hosted a conversation in this language.

P.S. Selections “Corrected writings”, “Activity points” and “Lessons” seems not to work.

@VeraI - Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into the issue with the sorts. Regarding the other suggestions, we’ll keep these in mind as we continue to refine this page.

I found a Norwegian tutor by posting my writing exercise as an open request. I wanted to check the “Find a tutor” feature and there my new tutor isn’t even listed - searching by different filters -. So what’s the value of this feature then?


@Fasulye: Everyone can fulfill an open request. But you find tutors only in the search if they want that. In the settings you can adjust which languages you are tutoring. I guess this tutor hasn’t done this so far. That is why you cannot find him. That is different from my problem.

@Vera As I see you want to be able to choose a tutor according to the quality of his/her native language teaching.

So you personally are only interested in tutors teaching their native language and you want to filter these out.