Finally advanced 2

After about 100 days of heavy reading I’ve finally reached the advanced 2 mark in Korean. I do notice a big difference in my reading ability, I’d say that I’m about 2 times faster at reading with 36k words than I was at 33-35k though it’s still not fast enough! I think in one more month I can drastically improve my reading capabilities if I keep the intensity up, I’m very excited to see how far I can get in the next month!

Just thought I’d share my experience.


Nice work. It will be interesting to see your progress.
What kind of material are you reading at this point? Did you have any experience with Korean before these 100 days?

What does advanced 2 correspond on European language framework? C1 or C2?

I knew some words/phrases in Korean and was quite familiar with the sounds due to consuming the media. I had also learned hangeul way back when. The beginner’s material (mini stories and such) was challenging for me in the first month or so but I quickly outgrew it. At this time native level content even with an aid such as Lingq was far off. When I was about, 50 days in or so I started to dive into native level content though it was difficult.

I’m currently reading native level fantasy stories as well as the odd children’s news article.


It doesn’t.

One of the LingQ members reached Advanced 2 then took the B2 test and passed it. I think reaching Advanced 2 on LingQ is around the level of a B2 Exam. I can’t remember the name of the lingQ user who did the test. He’ll be able to tell you more about it.


What does your reading speed look like? Does it gradually just keep speeding up?

That’s crazy!
I think in the same time I managed to get 5000 or so Greek words - and I had studied that language for years before that. How many hours/words a day are you reading?

Comparing “known words” between different languages doesn’t really work. Not sure about Greek, but there are a lot of forms a word can take in Korean. Tenses, politeness level etc combine and creates a rather bloated number.

I probably spend about 4 hours on average reading. As wnint pointed out there are many conjugation forms in Korean so the ‘unique’ word-count in Korea will be significantly higher than other languages you may be familiar with.

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Pretty much, yes. If I go back to material I read 2 months ago I can blaze through it at probably 5-10x the speed that I originally read them at. My reading speed slows down when there are many words/grammar structures that I am unfamiliar with.

But shouldn’t that already be taken into account for the thresholds of the different languages?

I’m guessing that the speed increase that you’ve noticed actually has to do with your brain being in better shape due to heavier reading load than actual known word increase. In other words, if you reduce your reading by 75% for a few weeks then there will be a slowdown even though you’ll know more words. Personally, I noticed a big difference between reading 30 mins per day vs 1.5 hours.