Filters on Exchange page - "Lessons" and "Rose Notifications"

Hi, I have just realized that the “Lessons” and “Rose Notifications” filters on the Exchange page seem to be duplicates, since the “Lessons” filters only seem to display lessons that have been given a rose. I think it would be more useful if messages about newly published lessons were displayed under “Lessons” since the rose-related messages are already displayed under “Rose Notifications”. That would also make it easier to find the most recent lessons.
What do you think?

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Yes, I agree. ‘Roses’ are good, but it’s a subjective, personal opinion.
And we as learners would like to have all newly published lessons - with roses or without them.

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I agree as well. Both filters are operating in the same way, so it doesn’t make sense to list them as separate search categories. Allow newly published lessons to fall under “Lessons,” and put favorites into “Rose Notifications.” Great idea, Michele.

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These filters are not doing the same thing. The roses filter shows all roses that are given out, not just roses given for lessons. The lessons filter shows all lessons that have been given roses but also shows imported lessons that are shared as well. To see all recent lessons you should go to the library and choose the shared date filter.

Mark, I think we all know that we can find new lessons on the Library page (but only for the selected language), and that “Rose notifications” includes all given roses, but I still find it useless to have a Lessons filter that mostly displays the lessons being given a rose rather than the lessons that have been shared. Yesterday, I scrolled down the page quite a bit and never saw a message about a newly shared lesson under “Lessons”. If such messages are actually displayed there, they are overwhelmed by the “gave a rose” messages. And I checked right after sharing an Italian lesson (and with the language filter on “All languages”), but there was no message saying “mikebond just shared a lesson”.

There is no message that appears when you share a lesson in the library. Notifications for library lessons only appear if you click the Share or +rose buttons on the lesson page. If you want your newly shared lesson to appear in the list on the Exchange, you will have to click the Share button.

So, that’s what I thought. I (and maybe the others too) would expect to find messages about new lessons automatically displayed under “Lessons”. That way I would find it useful, now I only find it a duplicate of “Rose notifications” (although slightly different from it).