Filtering vocabulary by certain tags not working

Over the last few months I have developed using Lingq a system of tags for certain grammatical concepts / verb pairs in Russian which I have applied to many hundreds of words & phrases in order to study them later.

All of the tags currently in use appear in the drop down box under the filter option in the vocabulary section. But when I select and apply certain tags (individually) as a filter, Lingq returns zero words or phrases. The following tag is an example:
*vm: води́ть, вести́, повести́

By way of contrast however, filtering using this tag works fine:
-note (име́ть)

My questions are:

  1. How do I get each of the non-filtering tags to work?
  2. Alternatively, if I can’t get them to work, how do I delete them?
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Sorry to hear that. Tag filtering seems fine on my end. Do you maybe have any other filtering enabled (by status maybe?) that prevents words with selected tag to be listed?

Nope. All status items are selected. But filtering using these particular tags still consistently return zero results (when they should be returning hundreds of results) while other tags consistently work fine. I’ve tried on ios app & desktop and the results are the same.

Anyway, if I can’t filter using these tags, then they’re of no use and I’d prefer to simply delete them altogether because they’re crowding out my other tags it’s hard to keep track of which tags work and which don’t. How do I delete them?

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Please contact us on support(at) I will need more details from you in order to fix the issue. Thanks!
You can’t remove one tag at once from all words that have it, you would need to remove them from each word separately.