Filter vocabulary by course

I used to like filtering lingqs in the vocabulary section by course. Am I going crazy or is this not possible anymore?


I see a filter by lesson on my Mac. I will check on my app later. Cheers.

Filter by lesson is there for me, but not filter by course. I swear I was filtering by course even a month or two ago.

Filtering by course isn’t available anymore on the website. We had to remove that feature due to some issues we had with it. We do have in plans to add it back, but at the moment I am not sure when it will happen.

Ok thanks. It’s not a big issue. It’s good we can still do it on the app.

I agree. Filter by COURSE doesn’t even show up as on option on the web version anymore. Can do a sort by LESSON, but have so many that I need to type in some words in the title. And agree with Colin, used to be great to review all the level 3 words (across multiple lessons) in the same course. I have a few courses I’ve created of, say, news stories and love to look at the common words in the course

I read Le Petite Prince in Russian very early in my learning of Russian and it was a massive slog. I have been keeping track of how many unknown words there are in the course I imported and I like watching it go down. I planned to reread it when it gets below a threshold.

As the Zoran says, they want to add it back at some point. I can’t imagine it is a high priority though so I guess we will just have to find a way to live without.

Do you have a better idea now of when the Filter Vocab by Course will return?

No, I don’t at the moment. It’s in plans but I don’t think it will be anytime soon,

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All good. Just so you are tracking this feature is actually really useful for people using LingQ and Anki in combination. It allows you to keep the Anki Deck and LingQ course you are studying in sync.