File import fails for particular string

This is one for a software engineer.

I had imported Jurassic Park from an epub file and noticed that it cut off mid-chapter. I exported the epub to a txt file, deleted everything up to the lesson (about half the book) where the import had failed before. It cut off again in the same spot. It looks like this string is the culprit:

SetMain [42]2002/9A{total CoreSysop <%4 [vig. 7*tty]}

The import stopped at “CoreSysop,” leading me to think that something like “<%” needs to be escaped. My own problem should be resolved by simply removing this line, which isn’t important to language learning, and moving on. It’s just worth noting that I ran into a corner case.

Edit: It failed at a second point:

limitDat.4 = maxBits (%33) to {limit.04} set on

It cut off from “%33” onward.

Thanks, yes we are familiar with this and we know that some symbols cut off importing the rest of the text. Our developers will get it fixed.