FIFA World Cup South Africa 20010

This year FIFA World Cup will take place in South Africa. 32 teams will participate in 10 different venues of the 9 cities prepared for this tournament. June 11 is almost here. All those soccer fans out there, let me know which team or country you think it will take throne off Italy (the defending champion).
Lets have some sporting spirit and let me know your favorite team. I think some of the strongest teams are England, Spain, France and Italy. Of course Italy is my favor. May the best team win.

Nobody will throne off Italy :wink:

I can’t wait for the World Cup to start:-)

Glad you are for Italy too!

Spain can win this time.

I always go for Germany, but I don’t know this year. I think Spain is going to come out on top. It’s going to be and interesting World Cup. I just can’t wait for it to start!!!

France won’t win. She doesn’t deserve it. Spain has a good opportunity to win this competition with the best team ever.

Actually I doubt I will be in front of my TV set in 20010 :slight_smile:

Hehe, you might be getting on a bit by then Serge. Me too!

I hope Australia does well this time! :slight_smile:

This time I’ll be on Spain’s side, but of course I still wish Italy did a great game.

By the way, we are not gonna make it to 20010, will LingQ be there still?

Adalbertolito, Thanks for pointing that up. I just noticed it myself. I wrote it late last night after my studies. I guess this brings another topic for conversation. As you said: Will lingQ stiil be there? ummmh…food for thought.

Please, it is FOOTBALL. The word soccer sounds so ugly.
Spain has a very good team. The skeleton of the team is build of players from FC Barcelona and supplemented with extraordinary players like Torres, Vila, Silva, Fabregas. Actually, I am convinced that Spain will win.


Also sports that use feet and a ball are a dime a dozen, and most often they all refer to themselves as football. So Soccer is a bit more specific, it refers to this one kind of football. But that’s just me.

LingQ’s copyright runs out in 20010, what a coincidence

I would prefer to call it FOOTBALL but because there are still people out there (USA) that confuse this type of football with American football when you only use the word football only. In my own country we don’t say soccer but football. Just last week I was talking to a group of people here in Los Angeles about football and one of them shouted: “Oh! you are referring to soccer”. Go figure. For the sake of all agreeing from now on we will call it football as it should.

errata: when you only use the word football.

Come on guys, everyone knows that Brazil will be the champion .


oops, sorry, I forgot the Olympics are over…

Not only that, it was sad to see Canada lost against Jamaica. Canada is a good team but something went wrong. I like coach Dale Mitchell but he should’ve done more for his team and not lose 0-3 against Jamaica. Well, Steve is probably thinking: “You can’t win them all”. Canada had its fair share of Glory at the Past Olympics. No doubt about it.

I think soccer is a great game in that it is not expensive to play.

I really do not see a problem with the term soccer. That is what people here call it, football is something else. Two different games and two different terms. In Australia football means Australian rules football, and in Ireland maybe it means Gaelic football. In Italy they call it calcio. It is just what people call it. There is not yet an international body telling people what words they are supposed to use.

Yeah, Ruben, Canada is not too strong at soccer, but maybe we should import some players from Brazil.

Steve, sorry, but Soccer is what North Americans call it, but it’s name is “football”.

It’s born in England and there it’s called football. Where it’s played at great level, football, it is.

Soccer is just a name Americans has invented becouse there American Football is way more famous…you go in Africa and Asia and Europe and you call it football not soccer:-)
Just the term American Football points out that an other kind of Football is played in the world.

I’m Italian and I can’t be for any other team until we are out of it, but I think that Spain won’t win and the same old 4 teams will be in the semifinals…France, Italy, Brazil, Germany.

And Brazil il a great great team. If Italy goes out, I’ll be for Brazil, great players, great football.

The World Cup is way different from the European Championships…usually Spain doesn’t play well, too much pressure, and teams with a history in the Cup, would stand out.

But again…I can’t wait to be in front of television with national anthems going on^_^

Ahem: although I stopped watching football in 1966, I mean 1956, I do know that soccer is a good old English term and in the UK football is called soccer as well. So, may the best team win! Deutschland, voran!!!