Few questions about the process

Just a few simple questions.
Ive been doing spanish now for about 9 weeks, I know how long because of the email
i get from my credit card company for automatic withdrawls. soooo… keeping that in mind
9 weeks. heres are some questions.

  • Today im looking at words (white) that ive known for weeks and now have forgotten (Even knew some of them yesterday!), is it normal?

  • Today im reading passages from “who is she” and “IDELs absolute beginner”; passages I once understood
    now make no sense, should i be worried?

  • Should I be taking a day off here and there, ive been doing it 1 hour, like clockwork every day and havent missed a day. Could I be experiencing burnout? I just really want to understand.

  • Some days i want to just give up, and some days I want to move to spain! It varies that much, is this normal?
    ( I need to get to real content I think but im just not there yet)

Tips? Help? Advice?
Ive watched pretty much every video in Mr Kauffmans channel (that was in english or spanish), and was expecting some of this.

Im feeling lost here like im starting on day one… am i just tired? im really confused lol.
But maybe i missed something?

What you’re describing is a normal part of language learning that everyone goes through. You will forget words before you really remember them, and you will get discouraged from time to time. (I’ve never learned a language that I didn’t wanna give up on at some point in the process :slight_smile:

My advice: the only skill required for language learning is persistence. I believe that for most people, it is physically impossible NOT to learn a language if they just spend the time gradually exposing themselves to it.

However, the time it takes is usually way longer than you originally anticipated.

An hour a day is what I’ve always tried to. There in nothing wrong with 7 days a week, but in reality, I probably average about 5.5 to 6 days / week over the long run. So taking a day off is fine – especially if it prevents burnout.

You could try mixing up the material you’re working with. Watch movies. Rewatch movies you’ve liked but now do it with the Spanish track. (Same goes for Netflix shows – a lot of their original content is available with multiple language tracks.)

Have fun!


Just stay the course. Things will improve.

Thanks… I do think i might need 1 or 2 days off, then i can probably run another couple months.

Its at that point where my brain feels tired after doing it, from what ive read in other places
my brain is saying “enough” for a couple days. and is dumping information.

Im just so eager, I really want this haha.


You are incredibly new to it. Things won’t start appearing natural or make very much sense for several months or more. Just keep learning everything you can and reading and listening to everything you can and one day you’ll just go ‘WOW! i get this now.’ with something that once made no sense.

‘the only skill required for language learning is persistence.’ Best quote on this whole forum.

Thanks! I’ll take it :slight_smile:

Agreed, I did take one day off though not fully. Rather then study I simply put Spanish tv shows on in the background, and found a few songs in my favourite genres. When I did come back to lingq I was doing better. Sometimes the mind just needs time I guess.