Feeling scammed by LingQ

In the Polish section there is barely any classes for beginner 1 and beginner 2 and then there is just a bunch of higher levels like intermediate+ I am not an intermediate yet… How come there is so many classes for Swedish and Spanish for example and barely any for Polish? I payed a fortune for membership here and then you want me to basically add all the material also? Common guys, what is this?

Besides this a lot of classes have completely wrong text, either misspelled or it says something different than the audio in the text. Then when I try to edit it I get errors, It doesnt even let me improve the lessons. I sent messages to support about this and the only answer Im getting is that it is an “old lesson”… okay sow what? Find a fix for the problem it shouldnt be like that!

I’d recommend you to visit: www.realpolish.pl

This is where I found most of my beginner materials.

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I agree that there shouldn’t be bugs and things should work, etc. However, the material is available to everyone to view and evaluate before they pay since the subscription is not for gaining access, but rather importing lessons and saving links.

Spanish and Swedish have more material in their courses because, obviously, there is far more interest in learning those more popular languages.


So you pay for lingq and this site? Nice !!

I started learning Polish years ago when it was still in beta mode here on LingQ.

So yes, since I used LingQ basically just for importing and reading, I paid for other content providers as well.

I mostly imported my own materials here on LingQ,

I recall finding a lot of free material on the real polish website as well.

I would highly recommend you to find (free) content of your interest outside of LingQ and not rely just on what the library on this site offers to you.

You don’t pay for the content you pay for the ability to LingQ words.

Sorry, yes we don’t guarantee that there will be a certain amount of content. We have a minimum level that must be achieved in order to add a language and after that we rely on members to add more or to import your own. If you do find good content that you can share, please do share it so that others can also benefit.

As for the issues with editing lessons, we will get those resolved. That should obviously be possible to do. I will follow up with support to make sure they get in touch with you about this.

Hi Alexini,
Strange, I tried to edit a few Polish lessons and everything went without problem. Can you please let me know which lessons exactly you tried to edit and wasn’t able? Also, which error you get when you try to edit it?