Feel So Turkish

I know, this sounds weird but I am talking about my output skills in English. So many times, I comment on the forum to test my English writing skills. After a couple of days I read my comments again and again. They sound so Turkish to me. They don’t look natural. I never expect to write like a native but I want them to sound a little bit “natural”.

I read and listen to texts in English. I spend at least 1-2 hours per day. I need advise to improve myself.

Or do you also feel like that?

Well hats off to you since while I am procrastinating on the forum you’re actually doing some learning. I think you should totally continue taking part of our never ending discussions since you actually get some more learning done.

Also, it’s a good thing that you notice your grammatical mishaps when you read your older comments. It means that the work you’re doing is paying off.

'I need advices to improve myself."

advices ------------> advice

“I need advices to improve myself” I think the most common way to say it would be I need advice on how to improve myself. Of course I am not a native speaker so I might be wrong.


The problem is: I always make the same mistakes.
I guess, I need a tutor who can tell my all mistakes.

You can always write in the forum as you have been doing and from time to time submit your text to tutors or a single tutor using the exchange function. If you submit an open request, you’ll get many many corrections to your text. There are a lot of English tutors here :slight_smile:

Do you have an accent while your reading this English you’re writing? This could make you think it sounds non-native. Psychological effects. :stuck_out_tongue:

What you’re writing is very close to being native, other than where you put “to sound a little bit” could be “a little bit more…” Or “I read and listen to texts…” could become “I read and listen to a lot of text…” Or “1-2 hour” to “1-2 hours,” or “comment on forum” to “comment on the forums…”

With the new advent of all these Trump “debates” and bashing going on, including those 200+ posts on the “Trump” post (that I hardly can even load with my computer anymore), these forums could be the newest resource for English learning! Keep it up :stuck_out_tongue:

You are right. I have an accent.

You already speak with natives? What they say to you?

I think that accent it’s great. I only will bother me, if I see that is difficult for other peoples understand me. And for you not commit mistakes or almost not commit then will takes a lot of time. BTW to improve your pronunciation takes so much time too.

So not punishing you so much, you not sound silly it’s only an accent and that’s ok. Only enjoy the language and have fun this is most important. :wink:

A good article from Steve: Do You Dream of Speaking Like a Native? - The Linguist

Look man, for myself I read and write what I read then count the numbers of words that I wrote, if they reached 300 words I consider it one day of RW ( Read and write ), then I note in my checklist that I have completed one day of RW, Because I have my own strategy of languages learning, if you are interested I can tell you the details.