Feedback on Searching for Content

It would be nice to be able to search for anything, with a search keyword or using no search keyword, by the percent of new words in a lesson. For example, I want to read anything that has a new words percentage of 25% or less. It would be nice to search for content based on this percentage and have the option to just see what’s available that is at or below my desired new word percentage across all levels (beginner to advanced).

Other suggestions:
Currently in the search function there is no option to sort results by the lessons with least to most new words.

Currently in the search function, there is no option to filter results by a range of unknown words as a percentage.


Great idea!

That would be essentially searching according to your personal level. Searching for content and clearly organising available content is definitely something that LingQ still struggles with.

I think it would also be cool if other users could suggest tags for content. This is a feature on some photo sharing websites. A lot of content isn’t well labelled so it’s very difficult to find via search. Most of the content I find are just the lessons recently “liked” by another users that appear at the top of my recommended lessons list. Search on LingQ as it is now isn’t very useful.


The option to sort courses/lessons in the library by percent of New Words will be available in the LingQ 5.0! :slight_smile: