Feedback - Noun genders

Hi there,

So my e-reader finally arrived and I’ve been enjoying LingQ for reading french books.

One thing bothering me though is the auto-populated translations for nouns:
They often omit the noun gender.

On desktop, there is a larger selection of popular translations with the gender, so it’s not much of a problem.

E-readers are slower by nature - that coupled with a smaller selection popular translations (often none with gender) means I have to manually type the gender which really slows down reading.

When I tested LingQ a while back on my phone (pre version 5) this wasn’t a problem. Or maybe I’m missing something with the UI?

My main feedback:

Would it be possible to prioritize popular translations of french nouns which include the gender at the top of the list?

Example: “nf dog” should appear at top of list for le chien, instead of translations which omit the gender e.g. “dog”.

I’m sure learners of other gendered languages would appreciate this too.

My device: Boox Poke 3.

Hi there, we will look into it.

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I’m a little confused by your post as you mention the e-reader, but then also LingQ. Are you using both together somehow? You talk also about having to type things?? Where are you typing?

you can use both together. especially if you have a colored e-ink device. It’s just slow and not really practical for typing definitions.

not sure how that would work as that would be just dependent on your preference. I, for one, don’t really care about gender. My preference is to have the definition that lists the most applicable relevant meanings of the word.

It’s an android e-reader. They’ve been around for a while now. It’s essentially an android tablet with an e-ink display.