[Feedback] New iOS Audio Design is Much Better

Just for saying to the devs that this new iOS design is much better. It’s more clear and there is more space to click the play/pause button, especially on iPhone.



Glad to hear you like it! :slight_smile:

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I agree in general, however I have one major issue: it is very easy to accidentally bring up the “karaoke“ mode by tapping slightly wrong, especially when quickly pausing and unpausing while LingQing. This interrupts the flow, and sometimes results in further accidents kicking you into another part of the text while attempting to minimize again.

I’ll probably get better muscle memory to hit the buttons reliably, but it would be great to have a bigger “dead” zone around them, or even require swiping up instead of just tapping.

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It’s true, it happened to me a couple of times already on iPhone, but also because I didn’t know about it. I’m now trying to pay more attention though, the space is minimum.

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I experimented a bit and realized it occurs mostly when I inadvertently tap the black border between the player and the text. That brings up the “karaoke” screen immediately. The button (top left) for bringing it back down is hard to reach comfortably with a right-hand thumb, requiring awkward repositioning or swiping at the screen instead (which can also result in ineffectually swiping the text up and down, rather than the player, depending on where I hold it).

My prefered solution would be making the border swipable rather than tappable.

I’ve enhanced the contrast in the screenshot below, because the black border can be hard to see on a non-OLED screen (compare my screenshot with Davide’s above).

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Yep, I was doing the same this morning because it happened to me a few times, and I realised I was thinking it in the opposite way.

I thought that tapping the green bar (2) was bringing up the “karaoke” but it was the opposite, it’s tapping the border on the top of the button (1), as you said, the black border in the middle.

Now that we know it, it should be easier because it means just tapping the lower part of the play button (2).

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