Feedback: Deleting LingQs quite bothering

I wanted to delete LingQs which became known to me. But it is bothersome to delete them one by one. There should be a way by which I can delete known LingQs at one go.

Also what does this ‘watching thread’ tick does? I ticked some threads but I am not getting any notifications or anything. Then what does this do?


The delete button! :slight_smile:
That is an advantage only for paying members.

Das ist eine Zusatzfunktion bei Lingq,welche ausschliesslich zahlende Mitglieder nutzen können.

You can delete more LingQs in one go if you become a paying member. It is a feature only available for paying members.

Ich you click “Watching thread” you’ll get an email notification if someone add a post to this thread. Check your setting if they are proper if you do not get emails.

Thank you for telling that.