Feature Request

Hi there, I didn’t see an area to add feature requests so I figured maybe I’d ask here.

I would like eventually to be able to not translate unknown words into English but to see definitions in my target language. I am trying to move away from translating words and move towards only using the target language. Is there a way to do this already or not? Create a LingQ with a native definition instead of a translation?

yes if you change the dictionary language on the home screen in settings (top right by the featured lessons feed) then you can do exactly that.

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Fantastic - is there a way of it pulling up a definition as well? I’ve changed it but as it seems to be for translation it is just showing the exact same word in my target language. I know that you can add more to the link but adding a definition every time might be a bit of a long method for doing this so i’m not sure.

You can use LingQ’s dictionary resources to do what you’re asking (I started doing this for Japanese).

When you click on a blue word, you can a) choose a definition b) view more. Click ‘view more’ and a list of dictionary resources will pop up, one of which should be in your target language.

You can also click on a word that’s yellow and then click 'Check/manage dictionaries".

Then you can copy and paste your new definition and save it. Others will also be able to view this definition too. A little hint: The number you see besides a definition indicates how many times that definition has been used by others.

Also, if you have a dictionary in mind that’s not on the list, you can suggest it here and LingQ will add it if it’s good.


Great. Yeah I’d basically thought about doing it this way. It works fine for the desktop version but I think it would probably take a long time to do it with the mobile version which is how I generally like to use the platform. Laid back just reading and creating quick LingQs - Thanks for the info though very handy and thorough explanation :slight_smile:

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I would also like to do this for Russian, as it seems to me the more advanced the words get the more imprecise the user translations are and usually straight out wrong.
I tried all the Russian dictionaries but none of them give me a Russian definition. Either just the same word or nothing at all.
Am I doing something wrong?

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I think this is the issue with languages in general. Not all words translate very well. Only some of them can be considered direct translations and only some more of them are partially direct translations - maybe with one meaning that directly translates and then other meanings that wander further from the real meaning. I intend to give up entirely on translating at some point soon because I want to learn my target language only using that language.

I am not 100% sure on the method yet either, so hopefully someone else will give you some pointers or if I figure it out, i’ll come back and let you know.