Feature request - Vocabulary sorting by creation date in an ascending order

Could you please give users the option to sort the vocabulary by creation date in an ascending order in the vocabulary page when we review them? The current sorting by creation date option sorted the words in a descending order with the latest words appear on top didn’t suit me. I have added these words to the vocabulary page when I read book chapters and the order they were added to the vocabulary page is the logical order they existed in my book chapters. When I review them, I need them to be in the same order they have appeared in the book (or any other text) from which they’re obtained because I need to follow the context and story where it appeared. It helps me remember and think.
Please give users the option to sort the words in the vocabulary page (and the “Review Lesson” page too) by creation date but in an ascending order where the oldest words appear first on top. Thank you for your app.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. At the moment that’s not in plans but we will add it to the wishlist and see what we can do about it in future.