Feature Request: Sort Lingqs by Modification Date

It’s currently possible to sort lingqs alphabetically, by importance and by creation date. I would also like to sort them by modification date. The modification date would be the last time the status was changed. Would that be possible?


@gerdemb - Thanks for the suggestion. We don’t have any immediate changes planned for the Vocabulary page but we can keep this in mind when we next update it.


Perhaps I should have explained what I was trying to accomplish first. I am studying Japanese and have a two-stage process for studying vocabulary. First I use the lingqs to practice the readings. When I have mastered a lingq (reached status 4), I add it by hand to my notebook to practice writing the kanji.

So, what I’m trying to get is a list of lingqs that reached level 4, but are not in my notebook. Right now I am using tags to mark words as I add them to my notebook, but it’s very tedious. The problem is that I can only search for lingqs WITH tags, but what I’d really like to search for is lingqs WITHOUT any tags (ie. lingqs that I have not yet added to my notebook). This would be ideal.

The other idea I had, was sorthing by modification date which would let me see the lingqs that have recently reached status 4.

Can you think of any way to accomplish what I’m trying to do with the current lingq system? Thanks for your help.


@gerdemb - It sounds like you have a fairly advanced method for reviewing and learning words. What we have at LingQ allows for some flexibility, but it is not as complex or advanced as some of the flashcard software programs out there. We don’t currently track the last date that your LingQ was modified, so adding this would require a database change. As far as finding words that are untagged, we don’t offer up a list right now but you can try the following:

Use the filters to show words that are Status 4, then export each page of 200 LingQs. Then select the tag(s) that you use, flip it to just show Status 4 words, then export those. Open the files up in Excel and remove duplicate rows. Then you’ll be able to find which ones haven’t yet been tagged.