[feature request] personal collections, bookmarks or personalized library

A more customizable library page is necessary!

One can get easily get lost in the content lists without an easy way of organizing, or “customizable collections” as I have got lost many times.

Some sort of bookmarking with a priority over any other categorization offered by the Lingq library.
Something that could also act as a progress indicator, not by known Lingqs or any other metric, but one that would represent the courses, lessons or titles of what the user has spent time learning, or intense to continue learning or review in the future.

And most importantly give Lingq posts a sense personalization.

The contribute studying simply isn’t enough.


Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We will see what we can do to improve things.

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Thank you for your attention, I really think the language learners can have a long lasting relationship with some, if not all, of the stuff they learn a language with. It would be nice if I could bookmark some courses (series of content) in order for further review and reading, or to keep track of my progress on the individual lessens, all from one place. I know there already is the continue studying, but probably more user-friendly and expandable, with progress bars and a ease of access to previously studied, without suddenly messing up the order of the items in the continue studying, just because I’ve had a sudden urge to review some old lessons.

thank you.