[Feature request] Lessons search improvements

I think the search form of lessons/courses should be updated, by fixing existing few bugs and by adding/modifying filters. I suggest to

  1. Keep last filter after reload - Currently after each reload we should filter again, it’s annoying, really
  2. Remove Incomplete and Complete items from Sort By menu and add it to separate filter group ( something like Internal / My imports / Externals ) with All,Complete,Incomplete options - This is because sometimes we want to be able to sort in completed and incomplete lists, especially with additional searching fields in order to make lessons rereading more suitable, about which I will describe below
  3. Add this fields to Sort By menu
    3.1. New words count - I think we need this, because lessons sizes are different, and sometimes we need to sort by absolute value ( I need it :sweat_smile: )
    3.2. LingQ-s % - To relearn/reread/rewatch lessons ( already completed ), I think this can be very useful
    3.3. LingQ-s count - Same, like Known words count
    3.4. First/Old Learned - Maybe could be useful to sort by this in order to reread/rewatch old lessons ( probably provided name is not good ).
  4. Add filter groups to search by something like Has video / Has Audio, probably checkboxes, not radio buttons

Thank you for attention :smile:

PS: I forced myself to not use AI to correct this post, please don’t pay attention to my errors ( I’m English learner ). Thanks :wink: