[Feature request] Improvements for PC use of LIngq reader

I have a few features for the PC browser in mind that I had been thinking about for a while and for which I would like to request some improvements. Main issues are around usage of shortcuts across page mode or sentence mode. And I would also like to revive an old request that never got repaired (since the new version last year).

  1. [shortcut ‘a’] in sentence mode this means to sound out the sentence in original audio. I would like to expand that to page mode so it’s use becomes transparent. In sentence mode, whether a word is selected or not, it sounds the sentence. In page mode, if a word is selected, it should sound that sentence as well. I assume here that the program knows which word is selected and thus which sentence should be sounded. If no word is selected, an option is to ignore the ‘a’. Another option is to pretend the user hit the spacebar and start sounding out the whole audio.

  2. [shortcut shift-t] In sentence mode this translates the sentence. It would be nice if page mode would do the same if a word in a sentence was selected i.e. show the translation for that sentence. If no word is selected, the program could activate the hide/show translation, as if the menu option was activated. I think this would be a popular extension of menu option.

  3. [slow audio] please attach a shortcut to slow audio, for example shift-a, so that both in sentence mode and in page mode, we can enjoy the advantages of modern tech. Reason for shift-a is that ‘a’ sounds out normal audio, if that makes any sense.

  4. [tab to notes - shift tab from notes] This is an old request that died in the forum, unfortunately. My request is to treat the definition of a word and the notes as a form in which tabbing leads automatically from definition to notes and shift-tab from notes to definition. I noticed that notes are sometimes hidden or non-existent until I finish the definition with enter or tab, by which time the currency is on some non-related field (like the button for next page). In my view notes and definition are tied together so a tab from definition would always lead directly to notes, and shift-tab v.v. Currently, I mostly have to grab the mouse, while entering a definition, which is disrupting my entering of data. This repeats for every word I define. I would very much appreciate this one to be repaired.

I actually have more in mind, but I do not want to overload the system.

Once you have decided whether to do these features, can you please give feedback which are feasible and when to expect them? I would very much appreciate feedback!