Feature Request: Definitions block continued reading

Hello, I am the kind of language learner that likes to continuously read while marking unknown words. I then go back to them for a second read through and define them. On Lingq, however, when I click a word it defines it right below, blocking the rest of the text.

This brings me to my point:
Could you install a reader setting on the computer interface where the words are defined in a list on the right hand side of the screen with the best computer-generated definition (from whichever language(s) the user chooses). The user could then go in and explore the word in greater detail without having their reading experience interrupted. If not, could the pop-up definition be engineered to appear on the side of the screen instead of the middle of the text? Is there a similar feature that would allow me to absorb the words while marking them in a way that does not obstruct the subsequent text? On the iPhone, my solution has been to hard click the word, so it defines it two rows down instead of on the following line.

Next, while not as important, is there a way to consolidate your vocabulary by root. For example, in Italian verbs are conjugated so spegnere and spegno are the same word.

While not as important, is there a way to import kindle books? If not, are there any websites that allow me to purchase ebooks in a format compatible with Lingq uploads?

Thank you!

If you click on your profile in the top right → Settings → Reader and change the page layout to “Standard”, it will move the LingQ popup to be static on the right-hand side of lessons instead of popping up over the top of your lesson.

As far as your vocabulary question, probably the best way would be to use the filter feature in the Vocabulary section. As you can see below, LingQ is pretty good at identifying the root of a verb and automatically applying that tag to the word. Then under the Filters menu, you can search for a verb to bring up all words with that tag.

You may need to right-click the image and open it in a new tab to see it a little larger.

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Your main request is already a feature… You have to click on the icon in the top right (of the reader), the one with the arrow pointing right. The sidebar will stay there, and the popup in the middle won’t be appearing anymore. Instead, anytime you click on a word you’ll get its details on the sidebar.

As for importing books, there’s a feature for that as well. Click on the icon in top right of the site and go from there. You’ll have to remove the DRM from the books though.


I love you!

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