Feature for flash-cards

I’d like to give feedback in using flash-card. In my opinion, flash-cards have to work in two modes. The first one when you translate word from English to your native language. The second one when you translate word from your native language to English. I’m sure the second mode is very important because you do the same things when you speak or write.


Thanks Alusov,

In fact we do intend to enable the flash cards from the Hint, or even from the Phrase. It is just that we have a lot of things yet to do.

In the meantime I find it useful to print the lists. There I can hide the word I am learning, or the Hint and test myself.

Hi alusov and steve,
Incidentally I thought about something similar today. With a large number of Lingqs it’s almost impossible to find a forgotten word from the Hint. So I would appreciate a search function for Hints. But of course this can wait. Thanks for all the other good features.

Sorry, I just had not tried out the search function for Hint words. I just did it and of course it worked.

I think to search for hint could be a difficult task but it is a very good idea!

sorry - it was not finished -

I would say that I didn’t just know that it is possible to search for Hint - I think there are more members which doesn’t know it. Good to hear what members find out!

Hi everybody!
The next feature for the flash-cards is transcription. It is really difficult to remember the pronunciation of the words. I’m sure the most important and the same time main challenge is pronunciation. Unfortunately, letters and their pronunciation don’t match in English words. What do you think about it?


Maybe that could be done, using whatever method you think is right to represent pronunciation in writing and putting it on the Hint field. That way you could check it up after looking at the flashcard. But of course that isn’t the same as listening.

I would really like see the option under ‘more actions’ which would allow one to listen to the word. I find that I know the meaning of words but do not know the correct pronunciation. I notice that this has been mentioned already on the forum. It would be great to be able to listen to one’s vocabulary list. I am new to this program and it looks great; I am eager to spend time here! thanks

I don’t know if it is possible for you to have dict.cc -
and I don’t know if there is in more languages as German/English -
but there are all words or phrases spoken in a clear and very good understandable manner.